In the first phase of its launch
Dnyanshanti School will have classes
from Nursery to Grade VII.

The school will be affiliated to the
Central Board of Secondary Education.

  • Academic Program
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Assessments
  • Faculty
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport facility

Academic Program

Academic Program

The school is evolving a complete comprehensive and interlinked programme. The school will be a caring home for the tiny tots imparting all round training to the children to bolster their mind and senses. The curriculum will be equipped with a robust yet flexible framework using scientific and modern methodologies. It offers an unique line of teaching using multiple intelligence & catering to different learning styles, thus ensuring rapid physical and mental growth of a child through well- tested processes.

Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities

To ensure accelerated physical and mental growth of students the school offers exclusive array of
co-curricular activities:-

Art, Indian & Western Music, Indian & Western Dance, Sports, Yoga, Dramatics, Introductory concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Financial Literacy, Health & Wellness, Life skills, Personality development. Languages- Marathi, Sanskrit, German English language certification course from Cambridge will also be a part of the school curriculum.



As we are a proposed CBSE school all norms of CBSE will be followed. However we believe in concept clarity and application of concepts learnt. Promotion and higher order thinking skills will be the driver of our assessments.


The quality of our schools is as good as the quality of our teachers. Our teachers will celebrate and champion each and every child in their care. They will encourage a growth mindset and model the qualities of mindfulness, collaboration and compassion.


Our school is located on a 6 acre campus and has state of the art infrastructure. Take a look at the virtual tour to know more.

Transport facility

We discourage private pick up and drop hence every child will have to avail the transport service.


The school has a well equipped infirmary and will be managed by a qualified nurse.